Experience You Can Trust 

LightBridge Medical Associates is San Diego’s first community based Palliative Care specialty medical group.  With a highly trained team of physicians and other professional staff, LightBridge Medical Associates has provided care to patients and families across San Diego County since 2009.  Our providers come to you in the comfort of your home, wherever you reside.  Our Goal is to Provide The Right Care at the Right Time.

A Message from Our Chief Medical Officer: Medical Care Everyone Should Want

Living with a serious illness or disease can be very difficult for patients, their families and at times, even their healthcare providers.  Effectively managing the symptoms and pain as well as deep emotional and spiritual issues that accompany a challenging illness can prove to be a complex task.  Palliative Medicine provides physicians and other healthcare professionals with specialized training to address the totality of a patient – not just their medical condition.

This is why I chose to become a Palliative Care Specialist.  I have a passion for helping patients and their families effectively address all aspects of their disease process.  The team of physicians and other professionals at LBMA share my dedication and commitment to care for patients during their time of need.  I feel very fortunate to have assembled a team of providers who are able to use their skills and compassion to truly make a difference for the patients we are privileged to serve.

Working alongside the patient’s other physicians, we strive to provide an extra layer of support to help patients find relief from the symptoms and pain of their illness, and to clarify their goals of care.  We are able to achieve this by explaining their treatment options and discussing what is involved so they can choose the course of treatment that best reflects their personal preferences and beliefs.  We use our expertise and experience to provide aggressive symptom management with an equally aggressive focus on quality of life.

Emmet W. Lee, MD, FAAHPM